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Zibo Yihong Technology Chemical Co.,Ltd, is a company professional in production of boric acid and sodium nitrate, which is located at Mengshui, Zhoucun where has convenient transportation. The company has powerful technical strength, excellent equipment, advanced technologies, stable and reliable product quality, outputting 40000 tons of boric acid and sodium nitrate. The company is highly accepted by the customers over china, with its super-high quality and well-deserved reputation.

By unremitting efforts, Zibo Yihong Technology Chemical Co.,Ltd is active in exploring product scope and mastering the core technology, which has become the industry leading company in production of boric acid and boric anhydride, disodium octoborate tetrahydrate and boron carbide. Competitiveness taking Innovation in management and technology as the core has appeared clearly, laying solid foundation for further development of company.

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