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Boric acidSodium nitrate

Industrial sodium nitrate

Sodium nitrate, has the melting point at 306.8℃ and density of 2.257g/cm3 (at 20℃), which is colorless and transparent or white with slight yellow rhombus crystal. It tastes bitter and salty, easily soluble in water and liquid ammonia, and sparing soluble in glycerinum and ethyl alcohol. It is easily deliquesced. Particularly, the hygroscopy of sodium nitrate greatly enhances when it contains minute quantity of sodium chloride impurity. If it is dissolved in water, its solution temperature decreases, and the solution is neutral. If heated, sodium nitrate easily decomposes into sodium nitrite and oxygen. Sodium nitrate can help to combust, so it must be stored in the place cool and ventilated. It has oxidability, which may cause burning or explosion due to friction or collision with organic matters. It is irritating, lightly toxic but harmful to human body.

Type: superior product

Manufacturer: Zibo Yihong

Brand: Yihong

Particle size: 80 (mesh)

Applicable standard: GB/T4553-2002

Use class: industrial class

Content: 99.7(%)

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