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Boric acidSodium nitrate

Boric acid for agriculture

Boric acid is used as pH modifier, disinfector and bacteriostatic preservative etc; used for making borate, boric acid ester, optical glass, oil paint, pigment, boric acid soap, finishing agent for leather, printing and dyeing auxiliary and medical disinfectant etc.

Used for capacitor manufacture and electronic component industry, high purity analysis reagent, medicinal disinfection and antiseptic, and preparation of washing and processing liquid for exposed photosensitive materials.

Used in glass, enamel, ceramic, medicine, metallurgy, leather, dye, pesticide, fertilizer, spinning and other industries; used as reagent for chromatographic analysis, also used for preparation of buffer agent; largely used in glass (optical glass, acid-resistant glass, heat-resistant glass, fiber glass for insulating material) industry, capable of enhancing gloss and fastness of enamel products, and used as one of components in glarizonae and pigment. Used as additive and cosolvent in metallurgy industry, especially, the boron steel has high hardness and good ductility, capable of replacing nickel steel. Boric acid has non-corrosibility, so it can used as corrosion remover, e.g. wood preservation. It can be also used in metal welding, feather, photo and other industries, and production of dye, heat-resistant and fire-resistance fabrics, artificial stone, capacitor and cosmetics. It can be adopted as pesticide and catalyst. In agriculture, fertilizer with boron micro-elements is effective to various crops, enhancing quality of crops and yield.

Boric acid is also one of basic raw materials for producing other borides which are widely used in national defense, industrial and scientific research fields; used as pH modifier and bacteriostatic preservative.

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