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Boric acidSodium nitrate

Boric acid

Applicable standard: Boric acid (H2BO3) GB/T538-2006

Use: used in glass and fiber glass industries, enhancing heat resistance and transparency, widely used for enamel, ceramic, welding, disinfector, fire prevention, metallurgy, electroplate, light industry, daily chemical industry, medical industry and others.

Nature: White powder crystal or triclinic pinacoid scale-like, glossy and smooth, without stink, soluble in water and ethyl alchohol glyceryl ethers, decomposed in case of heat.

Package: net weight 50kg, in plastic woven bag.

Attention: placed in dry place; no mixing with toxic substance and alkaline substance.

Technical indexes:

Index descriptionIndex
First class indexSecond class index
Boric acid content(%)≥99.5%≥96.5%
Water insoluble matter(%)≤0.05%≤0.15%

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